Big news on my creative journey…..

I’m a firm believer in always learning. As an artist I constantly strive to improve – to make things more realistic, more beautiful, more “robust” and expanding the scope of what I create. Understanding new materials, learning from my peers and pushing myself outside of my creative comfort zone is how I pursue this constant learning.

So in light of this I am very proud to say that I have been successful in being awarded one of the very limited places as a postgraduate at Falmouth University School of Film and Television to study for a masters degree (MA) in prosthetic effects. The 12 month masters course is lead and taught by industry leaders who sculpt, cast, paint, animate, engineer, add animatronics to & apply to actors the highest level of professional silicone work in the world. My lecturers have contributed to the industry in so many inspirational ways – as members of the BAFTA awards committee, and in fact some have won BAFTA and other awards for work on well known productions including Dr Who, Call the Midwife (yes the babies!), Saving Private Ryan and more.

As a masters degree, Ill be pushing the boundaries with new materials and techniques at the cutting edge of hyper realistic creativity in both traditional mediums and new digital sculpture and production. I hope to finish the MA fueled with new ideas to enable me to create more magical babies and creatures, and push the envelope when it comes to teaching and mentoring other artists.

As a result I will no longer be taking on any additional commissions until I have graduated, only completing those that are agreed to formally. I have a few sculpts that are due for release as blank kits in July (be me, or cast by me for other sculptors). I will also be selling some unpainted doll kits from my “stash” (by other artists) that I will not have time to work on. I will make a separate post and listing about those if you are interested in purchasing them.

Sign up for announcements HERE on the blank kits Ill be selling and news of any bonus babies I manage to make in between studies.

If you are interested in knowing more about this exciting course – you can watch a video here:

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