Performance Props

I provide a number of options for performance work suitable for television, film / movies, special effects, closeup live performance, theater and promotional work in the UK.

Babies suitable for all types of performance including full HD/4K work are available to rent or purchase. I also provide rapid turnaround for stand in babies that are true portrait copies of your tiny actors using 3d scanning. Specialist options such as mythical, alien, animal or other non human babies are also available.

I am able to provide or source other supporting props including vintage baby accessories, wardrobe and vintage prams

The Look – convincing in all lights

My babies look convincingly real even very close up. Detailing is completed under magnification to ensure the realism is carried through for large screen performance. Colouring is tested in all colour temperatures of light making my creations suitable for all scenes. I can provide extras including body fluids, magnetic umbilical cords and movement options.

The Feel – supporting your actors

The babies are designed to mimic the way a real infant feels in your arms, feeling just like a sleeping infant. This makes it easier for the actors to perform with the prop baby. Babies move naturally at the joints and are weighted to promote realistic interaction. The prop baby will react just like a real infant to the actors movements.


At the highest end, a full body portrait of you tiny actor may also include some animatronics. However if you budget is more constrained, a non portrait full body baby can be rented or a hyper realistic baby head on a weighted performance body gives extreme realism, both in look and feel, where the performance can be restricted to a dressed child or wrapped in a blanket with just the head showing.

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