The waiting list – 2021 is full

2020 has been a strange year, but the popularity of silicone babies has been tremendous.

My waiting list for custom babies is now stretching into early 2022. 2021 is totally full.

So what if you had your heart set on one of my babies? You have 3 options……

Customs list for 2022

Consider going onto the customs list for 2022. I’ll be opening this list in March 2021. To secure your spot you would select the kit of your choosing (from my stock or one that I can order from a sculptor) and we will agree a deposit and timescale to suit you. Typically deposits are 25% with the remaining amounts payable over a year.

Bonus babies

Keep an eye out for my bonus babies. I’m working on a few which will be completed in my own colour and artistic choices. These are not customisable. When they are ready I will list them here on my site for sale on a first come first served basis. This year I expect to include an Ethon, a teyona boy, a mimi, a Luka and at least one sculpt of my own. I cannot give you any idea on timing as these are fitted around my custom baby commitments. Stay subscribed for email notifications. Typically payment is required in full or a short layaway up to 3 months.

Preloved Babies for immediate availability

Consider a preloved baby. My customers are very careful experienced collectors. When they feel they want to move on to a different size or style of baby I like to help them find the right home for their preloved baby. These are typically the same or a little more than the original price paid as you get the benefit of not having to wait a year, and in almost all cases these are very desirable sold out editions that are not available new. I’ve now added a preloved section to my website to connect buyers and sellers. There are two babies available as I write this message, available for immediate shipping from sellers known to me personally.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope to finally see many of you in 2021. I’ll leave you with a lovely photo of a baby created by me in 2020 and photographed by his new mum, Stacey Wheeler.

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