I specialise in short run reproductions of artworks (including dolls and collectibles) in silicone and resins. I can provide advice on taking your artwork from concept to final finished blanks or art finished using traditional mould making or digital 3D printing and milling. Many projects will be hybrids using both digital and traditional methods.

Case Study: Ruth Annette, “Clover”

Renowned British sculptor and doll artist Ruth Annette created a very unique character “clover” in cosclay. Ruth visualised the finished work in multiple colours, requiring a multi stage mould permitting several parts to be cast in different coloured silicones. The character had details on all sides and asymmetric limbs and ears at challenging angles so a creative approach to seamless moulding was needed. From the production run I created a series of multi colour, art finished pieces as well as some single colour blanks to be sold on to other artists. I provided a complete marketing service with photography, certificates, packaging and promotion boards for shows.

*Moulding, with a “u” is the British English word. Readers from the USA may be more used to the word molding.