Previous Work

Serenity is a portrait of my own (now grown up) daughter who made her debut into the world as a chubby 9lb4oz baby. She is an original sculpt by me, and only available directly from me. I was very proud to be selected by the editors of Discover Dolls magazine for Serenity to feature as their cover baby on their relaunch edition.

Her little chubby face has therefore been seen across he world. I am currently working through the reserved babies in the edition. If the mould survives to produce any more I will publish their availability here and on my Facebook page. Please follow me on Facebook to hear latest news.Pixie Kissed Babies Facebook Page

Visit the Serenity slideshow album by clicking here

Teyona (silicone) – SOLD, sculpted by Elena Westbrook, a super soft silicone baby girl with exquisite movement. (SOLD)

For More photos of Teyona click here

Chi (silicone) – SOLD, sculpted by Bonnie Sieben, shown here as a boy and as a girl is one of the biggest silicone babies that I have created. I absolutely love the way this little one holds your gaze and can also wear bigger clothing, making him,/her such fun to dress.

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Noel (silicone) – SOLD, another will be available soon

Noel, sculpted by Olga Auer, was a popular vinyl doll kit. Produced in a very small edition as silicone by Truborns, I think that this is one of the most realistic preemie sculpts to date. I added a full mouth detail and tongue and intend to do this on the next two as well.

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Gloria (partial Silicone) – SOLD

Minnie 1 (silicone FBS girl) – SOLD

Such a precious little dreamer, preemie Minnie is sculpted by Bonnie Sieben. I gave her additional mouth detailing & depth to add to her realism.

Hannah (silicone FBS girl) – SOLD

Such a happy little girl! I added a drink & wet system and a neck armature for added realism.
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and more (all silicone)………

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