I love to teach the art of doll making.

I have a number of online courses available at different levels. message me at for information on other classes.

Silicone Cuddle Baby Online Class

This class is a low cost way to start learning to paint silicone. It includes all of the materials* needed to complete a silicone cuddle baby with open mouth. There are choices of blank kits on this class which may change the price, but class with supplies and a doll kit starts at £389. The online classes are pre recorded so that you can watch at your leisure, and watch them again if you choose. Additionally I will give you support for any questions that you may have relating to the techniques in the course. Access to support and classes is for 3 months. The paint supplies will be sufficient to paint around 3 to 4 silicone cuddle babies depending on their size.

Supplies included:

  • psycho paint base (2 x 50g: total 100g)
  • enfis silicone pigments (12 colours)
  • 20g Silicone Velvet matting powder
  • Powder Brushes
  • Detailing Brushes
  • Silicone safe sponges
  • Mottling and capillary tools
  • Mixing tools
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Cloth body suited to the chosen kit (select from stuffed or unstuffed)
  • Unpainted silicone baby head with mouth opened
  • Eyes (If an awake doll kit)
  • Rooting needles for lashes
  • Mohair for lashes
  • *****You will provide your own solvent as we cannot post this*****

Skills taught

  • Health and Safety when working with silicone art materials
  • Preparing a safe space to work
  • Options on solvents and thinners
  • Preparing a blank kit to paint
  • How to mix silicone paint
  • Paint application tecniques
  • Using tools for details
  • Fine detail work – shown here as painted brows
  • Final treatments for a soft matted finish
  • Creating lashes with mohair

Pack options:

All pack options include the supplies and tutorial – here you can choose the blank doll kit, cloth body and stuffing options that you prefer. Please see the large selection of photos to help you with your choice.

pack 1: Naomi awake + standard body unstuffed £399

Pack 2: Naomi asleep + standard body unstuffed £389

Pack 3: Naomi Awake + Reggie Ann Body unstuffed £449

Pack 4: Naomi Asleep + Reggie Ann Body Unstuffed £439

Pack 5: Naomi Awake + Reggie Ann Body pre stuffed £489

Pack 6: Naomi Asleep + Reggie Ann Body pre stuffed £479

Pack 7: Nigel/nelly asleep + standard body unstuffed £475

Pack 8: Nigel/Nelly Asleep + Reggie Ann Body Unstuffed £525

Pack 9: Nigel/Nelly asleep + Reggie Ann Body Stuffed £560

Pack 10: Nigel/Nelly TWINS (two kits) + standard bodies £800

Pack 11: Naomi TWINS (One awake and one asleep kit) + standard Bodies £725

Pack 12: NO KIT/NO BODY – class and supplies only £349

UK Shipping is £6.95 For other countries please email.


Email confirming your delivery address, and which of the above kits you would like. Ill send an invoice.