Creating beautiful dolls and hyper realistic characters since 2005. I have worked many years as an engineer and also have a masters degree in prosthetics and effects from Falmouth university in conjunction with Gorton Studio. I work as a freelance artist from my purpose built studio in Hampshire (or on set as needed) as well as teaching as an associate lecturer in prosthetics and special effects at Southampton Solent University. I create babies, characters, portraits, prosthetics and performance props. I also provide consultancy services to companies who manufacture in silicone, and casting and moulding services for other artists.


My skills are broad both engineering and art based. I develop characters both digitally and traditionally in clay and produce them through a range of traditional mold making approaches as well as digital methods including 3D printing. I am able to finish pieces to a very high level of realism using hand paint application, airbrush, hair punching (rooting), fur transfer and flocking, having won several awards for my work.

Studio Setup

The studio is fully quipped for both traditional and digital production including advanced 3D scanning, 3D printing in resin / wax / plastics, 3/4/5 axis CNC milling and turning, pressure casting, rotocasting, vacuum degassing, composites/glass fibre. A fully functional electronics lab enables me to incorporate components such as servos, LEDs or sensors into a design.

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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey, i have a reborn and im not too satisfied.i need a full body baby but very realistic but it cant be over the top pricey.im trying for 400 or less.also can it breath or at least drink froma bottle thnx hgit me up when you get this

    1. Sadly I dont create babies within that budget. Silicone dolls of quality are many thousands of pounds. Please go very carefully looking for low budget dolls as often this makes you the target of scammers.

  2. Montserrat Muntanyola Armora

    I like very much your babies! Serenity looks so real, so cute!
    I would like to be aware of your availabilities.
    I have 4 silicones (two if them by Andrea Arcello) but your lifelike Serenity is unparalleled! I live in Spain.

  3. Denise Porter

    Beautiful babies. Do you have any new babies up for sale or adoption I’m looking for full silicone with open mouth

  4. Marsha Patterson

    I am very interested in purchasing one of your Serenity dolls. I think she is the most realistic silicone doll I have seen. How do I get on your customer list ? I was never able to have children and I would really enjoy holding this baby and giving all my love to her. Thank you so much.

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