Preloved Babies

My waiting list for a custom baby is now full until October 2022. I will have a few surprise babies announced here on my site during 2021, and these often sell within minutes of listing so to be notified it is essential that you subscribe for notifications.

I have a very close relationship with my collectors, all of whom are experienced collectors of high end silicone dolls. Occasionally a collector will look to rehome one from their collection as they are moving to a different size baby or just fancy something new. As part of my long term after sales support, I will list those babies here on my website.

Buying preloved enables you to buy a baby made by me without having to wait over a year. The prices are typically the same or higher than waiting on my list, but delivery can be immediate. My warranty of workmanship is transferred to the new owner.

The process of purchasing is direct with the seller, not though me. I am just providing a service to connect buyers and sellers. I do not take any commission or get involved with the transaction in any way. The seller should privately send you photographs for your approval prior to sale as I use my original photos when listing here which may be out of date.

Available Preloved Babies made by Me:

Nothing Available at this time