Natalia-Full Body Silicone Newborn

Natalia is a portrait of the real Natalia Carey, commissioned by her mother Marina Carey. Natalia was sculpted in clay by British sculptor Bracken Taylor-Green and is produced in silicone by Ella McK in the UK.

These images are of the beautiful real Natalia – now a teenager and professional model.

scroll down for images of the kit

This page will be updated with more images of the finished kit once our prototype artist – the amazing Elie Habibi – has worked her magic. For more of Elie’s work click HERE

Prorotype Kit – unpainted

Full Body Silicone Kit Details:

8lb 8oz / 3.9Kg
19inches / 48.5cm (if legs are fully straightened.)
Cast in the UK

Standard Kit is Ecoflex 20 in light neutral flesh colour £1250 plus shipping
(see options below)

Additional Options:

  • Soft Blend Silicone +£150 – PROTOTYPE IS SHOWN IN THIS BLEND
  • Armatures in arms only +£250
  • Armatures in arms and legs +£450 PROTOTYPE IS SHOWN WITH THIS OPTION
  • Mouth opening +£95
  • Mouth Opening plus tongue +£150 PROTOTYPE IS SHOWN WITH THIS OPTION
  • Flocking in the base colour +£100
  • Drink / wet. +£280
  • Custom Base Silicone Colour +£150
  • Magnetic umbilical cord +£125

Register Your Interest

To register your interest in a Natalia blank kit, please complete this form. Priority will be given to artists who register.