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You have a chance of winning the prototype shown here by making a purchase from my many friends in the doll community. By doing this you are helping to support many small businesses during a challenging time, and helping to keep our thriving doll shows survive the challenges of 2020. The show vendors are all creative people that I know and trust, and I am sure that you will be thrilled with your purchases.

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Darwin is a full size, full body silicone. The original sculpt was created by Bonnie Sieben in Canada, then meticulously reproduced in silicone by Kristin Englert in the USA, and finally airbrushed and fully micro rooted by me, Ella McK in England.

If you wish to purchase a blank unpainted silicone Darwin – contact Bonnie Sieben via facebook.

Full Body Silicone Chimp monkey baby is cuddled

Darling Darwin’s Details

Cast in one piece in soft Ecoflex20. The Darwin prototype has custom specialty eyes with a black limbus – true to all apes.

His mouth is opened and firm gums & squishy tongue were added by Ella McK
Ella has also added arm and leg armatures.

Darwin’s Hair

5 shades of organic mohair, plus one shade of yak hair were hand coloured by Ella McK to give the variation of colour needed over his body.

Baby chimps have very sparse hair on their bellies and inner thighs and inner arms. They have little white whiskers on their chins and white fluffy hair on their bottom.

Good Luck!

May the odds be ever in your favour.

How to win this prototype baby

  1. Make an eligible purchase to support my doll friends in the list below
  2. The seller will email you a unique code each time you pay for a purchase
  3. Enter your codes and email address on the official entry page by 14th June at 4pm GMT
  4. make more entries with each purchase

Where to purchase items to get entry codes

Where to submit your codes

Once you have your unique code you can enter it HERE to submit your entry. You will need to enter separately for each code you receive. The deadline is 4pm GMT on Saturday 14th June. By entering you are accepting the terms and conditions on the entry page.

Announcing the winner

The draw will be announced at 6pm GMT LIVE at The Doll Show Online. You do not need to be online at the time to win the competition – you will be notified by email if you win, but it may be fun to join the doll cummity for the announcement.

Terms and conditions are shown on the competition entry page when you enter your codes. Please note that the winner will be required to arrange and pay for a courier and pay for any customs duties or taxes.

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  1. Gillian Watson

    This is absolutely amazing. I am soooo in love with Darwin. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win him!

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