Silicone Babies

Serenity a PKB original silicone full body girl
Serenity – an Ella Mck exclusive original

I have a dedicated, purpose built studio which gives me the perfect dust free and temperature controlled environment to create silicone dolls, paint and teach.

Here I create babies that I have sculpted myself starting with clay and reproducing into small limited editions. I also produce babies that are sculpted by other respected artists and I take on the painting and rooting of these little treasures. I also typically add subtle details like opening mouths and adding tongue or gums, slightly modifying expressions, or adding armatures – this results in a totally unique baby.

Layaway terms are available on most silicone babies subject to contract and a non refundable deposit.

Almost all silicone babies are “anatomically correct”. If you do not wish to see this detail, please don’t go to their pages.