Prosthetics and FX

I have a masters degree in prosthetics and FX from Falmouth university (in conjunction with Gorton studio) where I graduated with distinction. I teach part time as an associate lecturer (prosthetics and FX) at Southampton Solent University, leaving me time to work on freelance projects for film and television.

My skills centre around hyper realistic sculpture in WED clay or plastillines as well as digitally in Zbrush. I have strong CAD skills (with an engineering background) so can incorporate electronics and mechanical details into designs. I have strong knowledge on LEDs and enjoy using these creatively in character projects.

I am able to produce high quality moulds in plaster, silicone and composites as well as using CNC milling and 3D printing to create complex core structures for embedded animatronics and electronics.

My art finishing skills include character and hyper realistic painting (silicone, latex, resins and cap plastic) as well as quality hair work including hair punching, fur transfer and flocking.

I make custom resin eyes, creating moulds for them as required for the portrait/character.

The examples shown below are all 100% my own work, from concept, molding, casting to finishing. Charachters with eyes are custom made by me. All electronics are my own work and I completed the design, delivery and programming. Moulds shown are a range of traditional silicone brush up with fibre glass, 3D printed matrix moulds, CNC milled injection moulds. In all cases these also have digitally created cores.

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