Silicone Baby – online class and kit

I’ve had so many people ask me to teach them how to make a silicone baby. I’ve also had many people want to buy a silicone baby but their budget is more for that of a reborn doll.

This new offering enables you to make a silicone cuddle baby for £389* with me helping you along the way in an online tutorial. Everything is included to create the baby – all the products I use myself. The colours and tools that I use and advice on how to use them safely and effectively. I filmed the whole process start to finish of this baby so that you can share in the joy of creating you own little one.

A cuddle baby means the head is silicone and the body is super soft tailored cloth body. These are incredibly lovely to cuddle, but have the benefit of a silicone head and open mouth so that you can give baby a bottle or a dummy/soother/pacifier.

If you are interested in purchasing – please visit my online shop.

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