Learn the art

I enjoy teaching and sharing my techniques with new and more experienced reborn  and silicone artists. My techniques are not an a,b,c method to follow – I teach the new or experienced artist to understand and exploit their medium which gives them more creative freedom.

Please email me for details of upcoming courses pixiekissedbabies@gmail.com


Vinyl Reborn Dolls

Genesis Heat Set Paint & Artists Quality Acrylic (Most reborn paints fall into this category)

This is a two day weekend course.

  • Realistic mottling – two easy ways
  • Painted hair including body & facial hair (lanugo)
  • Correcting colour problems
  • the challenges of lips and mouths
  • tiny tiny details – sharing the trade secrets
  • when and why to use paint mediums (vinyl only)
  • Doll assembly and weighting

Silicone Dolls

Silicone 2 part paints (psycho paint, but the skills are transferable). This is a four day course usually run over two weekends.

  • Realistic mottling – two easy ways
  • body & facial hair (lanugo / brows)
  • Correcting colour problems
  • Making repairs
  • the challenges of lips and mouths
  • tiny tiny details – sharing the trade secrets
  • matt finishes – two methods
  • trade secrets


  • Ultra rooting (mohair) using forked or crown needles. (single hair at a time)
  • How to decide on the most realistic hairline for different ages of baby or toddler
  • advanced swirl techniques including double crown
  • sparse and thick hair, including toddlers
  • rooting “clinic” for helping with specific problems
  • combining painted and rooted hair
  • how to buy the best mohair

Photography & light

My “day job” is in the lighting industry. Light and colour are essential to the advanced reborn artist. This course will help you to understand how to paint for particular types of light, as well as photographic techniques.

  • Understanding light and artificial light: why do the colours seem to change in different lights?
  • Realistic baby poses – bringing a sense of movement to the still image